Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Arsenal vs Ipswich: player ratings and analysis

OK, my predictions were a little bit off. The game ended at 3-0 with Bendtner, Koscielny and Fabregas each scoring a goal. As the game was very easy, just like me most of Arsenal fans were more concerned about how individual players would perform and whether we would pick up any injuries tonight or not. Luckily, nothing happened.

I know that many will criticize Arshavin for his work ethics, but his stats tell a whole different story. He produced two assists for Koscielny and Fabregas respectively. Over the last couple weeks I have even read a couple articles where the authors were calling for his head. I believe that his lack of form is merely a temporary downturn in his Arsenal spell, as we will see a great asset in him once he regains his confidence. He is that type of a player who takes chances and isn't afraid to take a chance on a through pass. His game style is very risky, though. Andrey is that type  of player that will score out of nowhere but will also give the ball away a lot. We need that type of a player, he is different from everyone else - reminding me of Hleb a couple years back.

Anyways, here are the ratings:

Szczesny (6) - not much work, punched the ball a couple times and made a couple relatively easy saves when the opponent decided to shoot from an acute angle.
Djourou (7) - Great sense of positioning, speed and strength. Experience will make him a great asset.
Koscielny (6.5) - Seems to be confused by Arsenal's passing.
Sagna (6) - Played well before sustaining an injury.
Clichy (7) - His lungs are made out of steel as so are his legs when it comes down to crossing.
Wilshere (7) - This lad has a huge heart to fight and a great creative mind but his lack of experience is clearly visible.
Denilson (6.5) - Out-muscled by Ipswich players.
Fabregas (7) - Ran the midfield as usual, great goal.
Arshavin (7) - 2 assists, helped us kill the game and the rest of hope of Ipswich. His run to pull the defender away before making the final pass to Fabregas for the third goal shows that he is an intelligent player.
van Persie (6) - Whenever I see Robin play I always hope he scores a goal or two, pull a trick or contribute an assist. Today, however, that didn't happen. He made a couple smart runs, but was clearly tired from the Wigan game. Rightly substituted
Eboue (7) - replaced Sagna well.


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