Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Koscielny, Arshavin, Transfers and CC

Remember Koscielny's odd celebration after he scored the second goal? He explained that the act was for his girlfriend:
" [It] was for my girlfriend, who is pregnant. We are expecting a baby in March and it was for her. It is my first child."
He also mentioned how hyped up he is due to the first final he reached with Arsenal. We're all happy as well Laurent, however, we would be more happy if we actually lifted that silverware. There have been too many runner-ups, too many second places. Remember 2005, how we lost to Barcelona? Worst day of my life. I know  Birmingham isn't too tough of an opponent and that odds are all in our favor but a game is always a game - you never know what's going to happen. Especially when its a final between two teams deprived of trophies for a couple years - the tension will be huge.

Reading other newses, there were reports saying Andey Arshavin might be heading back to Russia. I hope that's all utter tabloids concoctions. Quoting from Daily Star:
“I do not have enough acceleration. From the very start of this season I felt that I’m fast enough only in short bursts.
“I don’t know why. I still feel the same. Maybe I’m just getting old. When you are absolutely all right, you do not even think about what you are ­doing in certain situations. It all happens automatically. But now when I get the ball, I begin to think, ‘Should I out-trick an opponent? Will I lose the ball?’ I am afraid of taking the initiative."
Daily Star is a poor source when it comes to reliability or interpretation of poor-engrish-speaking-gunners. We all know what they did to Denilson just a week ago, right? But if it is true, then I'm afraid Arshavin has nothing left of his confidence. It is a shame because I was expecting so much from him this season, I thought he would be our leading figure - but that's not going to come easy.

We have four more days until the end of the transfer window. Whether Wenger will buy or loan anyone will, in my opinion, decide on the number of trophies or how far we will go this season. Winning the Carling Cup will also be an important factor. 

I feel like it will be that little fire that will spark a fire of silverwares.

Something we will see this year!


  1. liverpool to buy arshavin.. :P

  2. That would be truly sad, if the Arshavin's interview was true.

  3. "Daily Star is a poor source when it comes to reliability or interpretation of poor-engrish-speaking-gunners."

    I couldn't agree with you more. Great update! I'm looking forward to reading more.

  4. I think that Arshavin is simply in a some kind of funk; he lacks confidence.

    Following and supporting.

  5. Their best signing was Chamakh seeing as he was a free transfer. Only Arsenal have a chance against Man Utd for the premier league but I doubt they'll let it go.

    Supporting and following Bro

  6. I wouldn't trust anything from tabloids, they usually talk about Sasquatch or Batboy. I've yet to see those things come true

  7. I used to play soccer/football in sixth grade, lol. It's definitely something I could get into though. I'll check back, maybe give it a try.